18 years ago what started with a mere thought, is now one of the biggest clothing brands. Gazal’s PANACHE rose to heights only with the right amount of creativity and passion put into it throughout the years with exponential consistency.

PANACHE is a Varanasi based Designer’s hub, which now spreads its branches to various cities like, Lucknow,Gorakhpur,Bareilly and Ranchi.

Quality and customer satisfaction is their topmost priority in the span of almost two decades, Panache has always made its customers smile with joy and content.

From the very lavish and luxurious pieces of clothing for your fancy weddings and parties to your everyday Indian and western outfits, we carry everything, in an extremely wide variety and at unbelievable prices. With products exacting your taste and requirement, at PANACHE, you get your money’s worth.

In this competition of who makes more business, PANACHE believes in building relations. Our customers are more like our family. Everything we do is about making them happy, so PANACHE organizes events and get-togethers on occasions for are very dear customers.

As a part of the society, we also try to engage ourselves in as many social activities as we can because we all want to see India grow and grow as a society, yet maintain the Indian authenticity and that’s what reflects in our work.

Talking about growth, now joining the digital race, PANACHE is coming to you on the easy access of your mobile phones. Stay updated with our events, activities, offers, new collections and more only at www.attitudepanache.com

With the three-legged loop of THOUGHT, CREATION AND PASSION, panache rests at the paramount of fashion. Every piece is designed, painstakingly and deliberately created by skilled artisans using the highest degree of craftsmanship, quality, devotion and care. From a garage setup to showrooms across the nation, Panache weaved and sewed its way all thought out. At PANACHE, artistry, creativity and effort are what matter the most to our team and customers.

And with this PANACHE becomes a metaphor for supreme designing.

With extremely affordable to luxury pieces, from Sarees to Lehengas, western and everything you can think of, we have it all.

Panache is just a metaphor for supreme designing.